Scientific Monitoring of the “Öko-Modellregionen” (Model Organic Regions) in Bavaria

Dr. Corina Jantke, David Wüpper

Within the program BioRegio Bayern 2020 Bavarian, communities have been selected as “Staatlich anerkannte Öko-Modellregionen” (state recognized model organic regions). Participating municipalities submitted an application concept in which the status quo of the (organic) agriculture and food sector was evaluated. On the basis of the current situation, concepts for the expansion of organic agricultural production and regional supply and demand of organic food have been developed. The plans include measures to be implemented along the organic value chain (agricultural production, processing, marketing, (public) catering, etc.) and comprises actions to raise awareness about organic issues. In this way sustainable regional development is pursued. The regions for this initiative have been selected by a jury and will receive support for the implementation of their concepts by the Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture and the Bavarian Institute for Rural Development.

Starting with the nominations of the “Öko-Modellregionen” (model organic regions), the research project will monitor the participants for at least two years. Researchers from the chair group Agricultural Production and Resource Economics, and “Projektbüro mareg” will analyze the impacts of the regional concepts employing comprehensive surveys. These will be conducted and analyzed using resilient qualitative and quantitative methods. The data will be gathered in such a way that both methods „difference in difference“ and „regression discontinuity“ can be used to identify causal dependencies. The surveys will be conducted among farmers, processors, official regional representatives and consumers. Choice experiments will be used to quantify preferences within in these groups.

The research project is funded by the Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry.